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Transforming Human Resources with Graphology

Human resources transformation is driven by a company’s need to move the role from a functional to a strategic role, I am breaking paradigms serving as HR practitioner. Through HR Citizen I help individuals drive the conversation surrounding how best to go about this transformation. My graphological methodologies are unique and incorporates out-of-the-box and forward-thinking. That sets me apart from others in a good way, since the very definition of transformation implies thorough change.

Organizational Graphology

Hundreds of leaders and individuals have benefited from my unique Organizational-Graphology Program, which includes assessments throughout the entire HR cycle, it is quite simple, fast, and reliable. My coaching practice includes innovative HR methods, including handwriting samples – a technique that knows no boundaries, geographical, cultural, or otherwise, and produces a more holistic view of a potential candidate or future leader. My certification as graphologist in Standard EC0293, the Hague Convention, treaty 12 developed by the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) supports my practice.

Guiding and Giving Purpose

My mission is to be your trusted graphological coach and advisor, to optimize performance by maximizing the effectiveness of individuals and leaders. My vision is to equip you with life-long leadership skills using graphology. My core values guide you and give you purpose, providing the clarity, conviction, and stability needed to make sound decisions as an individual contributor or people manager.

Career Counseling and Coaching

I strive to help you lead and behave with strategic graphological assessments. I search for reasons and causes, to identify and diagnose patterns that may be impeding successful results, turning them into valuable insight that is logical and well-thought-out. I have been able to inspire individuals to imagine their future and what that could be, turning aspirations into realities and pushing them to undiscovered heights.

About Me

Josue Briseno

Josue Briseno


My name is Josue Briseno and I am the Founder of HR Citizen. I am a passionate and energetic forward-thinking Human Resources Leader and International Speaker, with two decades of domestic and international HR experience. I am defined by my ability to connect with others across cultural boundaries, look toward the future, and achieve exceptional results in highly competitive industries. I have a proven track record working with Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies in the high tech, retail, services and manufacturing sectors.

I have a special interest in the integration of graphology (or handwriting analysis) into the strategic HR practice as a tool to help reveal a individuals’ personality, behavior, health, patterns, emotional intelligence, vocational orientation and, therefore, their “fit” for a particular job, group and organization. My unique Organizational Graphology Program can help prospective individuals gain a comprehensive profile of candidates, team members, and future leaders that complements other methods, systems and tools to provide a fuller assessment and recommendation.


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What My Network Says

Josue is an impressive HR leader. We worked together at Sherwin-Williams. I was HRBP for International Div. and Josue was in a challenging employee relations leadership role during a difficult transition period in the organization’s evolution. Josue was a key reason the transition in management went so well. He has demonstrated his commitment to excellence in the HR profession by learning and working in the US and is most definitely a rare talent in that he is well experienced in both US and Latin American business organizations.
Jim Kuhn

Trusted Global Recruiter, Sherwin-Williams - Mexico & USA

Josue is a positive working colleague, able and willing to think way beyond the conventional system. His open-minded and his perspective is a gem and had a professional collaboration with him which was such a great experience for me. I believe his “making things happen” spirit will contribute success both for his personal and professional career. “Keep flying high Josue and create a great positive impact wherever you are, warm regards from Indonesia”.
Deborah Dewi,

Lead Graphologist, AGRAFINDO/ISOG - Indonesia

I had the pleasure of working directly with Josue and partnering on several complex projects over the course of seven years while at Intermec Technologies & Honeywell. Josue takes initiative to make success happen and thrives in a fast paced environment. He is a true leader in every sense of the word. Josue is a strategic problem solver with a strong global business acumen. Josue’s courage, commitment and compassion in his work as an HR Business Partner, supporting the business and the people is authentic and evident. Josue’s delightful good humored personality puts him over the top as an asset to any company.
Pam Baker, SPHR

Talent Acquisition Manager, Crane Aerospace & Electronics - USA

I had the pleasure of having Josue as the main speaker for my HR Congress in Argentina-Patagonia, he was exceptional and had the opportunity to meet a great colleague to share my passion and best practices around Graphology (Handwriting analysis). He shared the best HR global practices, fostering and keeping the momentum among all of us. I highly recommend him as an international speaker.
Marcela Almiron

President , Magno Gestion - Argentina

Josue is a HR professional with an associate-driven mind set. He has a true passion for developing employees and leaders alike. He is an active listener, trustworthy, ethical and an overall hard-worker. His ability to solve complex problems and manage change comes naturally. He was able to navigate personnel conflicts and bring the teams together for positive outcomes at a difficult time for his team.
Russell Iddings, SHRM-SCP

HRM , Amazon - USA

Josue is a consummate HR professional with an exceptional ability to partner with leaders and their teams on a global basis. I particularly enjoyed Josue’s considered and inclusive style in complex/challenging situations. He is a pleasure to partner with and a true commercially focussed HR practitioner. Happy to recommend Josue for any Global HR Leadership role.
Chris Litterland, FCIPD

Founder, Principal Consultant, Mariposa Consulting International - Germany

Josue is a consummate professional with a global mind set. He has a true passion for helping employees and leaders be the best that they can be in the workplace. He is a good listener, is highly ethical and a hard worker. His ability to navigate complex tasks and manage change is a true talent. He is a pleasure to partner with in the work environment.

VPHR, MedBridge - USA

Corporate Office

Seattle, WA

United States

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