Namita is a Psychology graduate, with a Masters in Education & Democracy (2008), UK and a Masters in Public Policy (2016). Her journey with Graphology began in 2002 and she later expanded her study through her memberships and networks with the British Institute of Graphologists and the British Psychological Society (BPS).  Her specialization in democratic practices within education has also kept her engaged with other networks such as the International Democratic Education Network (IDEN), UK and the Social Pedagogy Development Network (SPDN), UK.

Previously, she has worked within the education sector as a German language teacher in an IB school and within the politics and governance sector through volunteering on election campaigns, development projects and later as a policy analyst in a reputed ‘think tank’. She has authored policy papers that have been shared with the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) and the Government of India’s Committee on the National Policy of Education (NEP 2020).

Namita has been running the Aatman Training Center for Graphology since 2011. Her diverse range of experiences and her expertise in teaching and applied research enable deep learning for students at Aatman. She is passionate about working with youngsters and coaching them to gain clarity regarding their career and life choices. Her career counseling sessions at Aatman are uniquely designed to strengthen this objective. She also conducts training programs for institutional departments and provides consultancy services through this venture.

Namita has just been certified as Document and Fingerprint Expert by the IFS which is the International Forensic Sciences institution in India.

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